Active Member

Orthopaedic Surgeon (MD/DO)
$295 per year

Military Member

Orthopaedic Surgeon (MD/DO) on Active Duty in the US Armed Forces
$100 per year

Resident/Fellow Member

Resident or Fellow (MD/DO) of an accredited U.S. Orthopaedic Surgery training program. *Must attend a WOA Annual Meeting to qualify for / maintain membership.
$25 per year

Senior Active Member*

Orthopaedic Surgeon (MD/DO) who is fully retired from the practice of orthopaedic surgery or has reached the age of 70.
$25 per year
*Cannot join as a Senior Active Member. Must be an Active Member for at least one year prior to qualifying for Senior Active status.

Allied Health Professional Member

Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or MD/DO specializing in a field other than orthopaedic surgery. 
$100 per year

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