2022 Award Winners

Top 8 Resident Awards

Lloyd Taylor Award Winner
High Energy Pilon Fractures Result in Significant Tibia and Talus Chondrocyte Cell Death
Graham J. DeKeyser, MD, University of Washington

Vernon Thompson Award Winner
Immune Checkpoint Upregulation in Periprosthetic Joint Infection
Shay Warren, MD, Stanford University

Harold and Nancy Willingham Award Winner
Loose Body vs. Trochlear Biopsy MACI Outcomes in Pediatric Patients
Connor Delman, MD, University of California, Davis

Sanford and Darlene Anzel Award Winner
Bacteria Do Not Acquire Resistance Across Stage of Re-Implantation or Number of Spacers
Joanne Zhou, MD, Stanford University

WOF Resident Award Winner
Spinoplevic Deformity is Associated with Femoral Retroversion in THA
David G. Deckey, MD, Mayo Clinic Arizona

WOA Resident Award Winners
Machine Learning-Driven Prediction of Perioperative Complications After Instrumented Lumbar Fusion
Akash A. Shah, MD, University of California, Los Angeles

Opioid Prescriptions Following Total Joint Arthroplasty in California: Do Government Regulations Work?
Ashish Mittal, MD, San Francisco Orthopaedic Residency Program
*Presented by Pierre Tamer, MD

Blood Flow Restriction Training Following ACL Reconstruction in Collegiate Athletes
Sai K. Devana, MD, University of California, Los Angeles
*Presented by Alex Upfill-Brown, MD, MSc

Clarence and Sherril Splithoff Pediatric Orthoapaedic Surgery Award
Incidence of Glenohumeral Injury and Risk Factors for Recurrent Instability Following Shoulder Stabilization
Diana G. Douleh, MD, University of Colorado, Aurora

Travel Grant Awards

William J. Maloney, MD Travel Grant Award
Robotics in Arthroplasty: Bacterial Contamination Assessed by Colony Forming Units
Kingsley A. Oladeji, MD, Stanford University

William J. Maloney, MD Travel Grant Award
Statistical Fragility of Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis following Total Joint Arthroplasty
Sean Sequeira, BS, Union Memorial Hospital

Basil R. Besh, MD Travel Grant Award
The Effect of Marijuana Use on Surgical Site Infection
David Ruckle, MD, Loma Linda University

Nitin N. Bhatia, MD Travel Grant Award
Return to Sport for Anterior Tethering vs. Posterior Spinal Fusion
Hao-Hua Wu, MD, University of California, San Francisco
*Presented by Jennifer M. O'Donnell, MD

Kimberly Furry, MD Travel Grant Award
Single-Incision Fasciotomy Decreases Infection Risk Compared to Dual-Incision Fasciotomy in Treatment of Tibial Plateau Fractures with Acute Compartment Syndrome
Eli W. Bunzel, MD, University of Washington

Jeffrey Krygier, MD Travel Grant Award
Reliability of Semi-Automated Spinal Measurement Software
Matthew A. Follett, MD, Stanford University Medical Center

David Mansfield, MD Travel Grant Award - Sports Medicine
Spondylolisthesis and Mismatch Deformity Affect Outcomes After Total Knee Arthroplasty
William L. Sheppard, MD, MPH, University of California, Los Angeles

Jeffrey M. Nakano, MD Travel Grant Award
Recommending Surgery Increases Patient Satisfaction with Arthroplasty
Adam J. Murrietta, MD, Stanford University

Robert R. Slater Jr., MD Travel Grant Award
Hamstring Autograft vs. Hybrid Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Size is All That Matters
Alec C. Egan, MD, MS, Madigan Army Medical Center

Robert R. Slater Jr., MD Travel Grant Award
Should Medicare Surgeon Reimbursement for Arthroplasty Be Risk-Adjusted for Patient Complexity?
Jack M. Haglin, BS, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

WOF/OREF Young Investigator Awards

Articular Fragment Restoration is Critical to Mitigate Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis
Justin Haller, MD, University of Utah

Intraoperative 3D Navigation and Post-Operative Infection in Thoracolumbar Fusion
Ananth Eleswarapu, MD, Montefiore Medical Center

Adolescent Shoulder Instability Arthroscopic Management: Knotless versus Knotted Suture Anchors
Richard Michelin, DO, Riverside University Health System Medical Center

2022 Poster Award Recipients

First Place
The Effects of Methylprednisolone and Triamcinolone on the Viability and Mechanics of Native Articular Cartilage
Dean Wang, MD, University of California Irvine

Second Place
Artificial Intelligence in AIS Surgery: Predicting Compensatory Sagittal Spinopelvic Parameters
John Ngo, DO, Community Memorial Health System

Third Place
USMLE Scores and the Orthopaedic Match Over the Last Decade
Joseph B. Wick, MD, University of California, Davis
*Presented by Benjamin W. Van, BS

Most Outstanding Participation Award

Stanford University
Cedars Sinai