Finding Gratitude

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Finding Gratitude

The lecture assignment was for a Grand Rounds’ presentation entitled, “Lessons Learned – Pelvic Ring Disruptions.” It seemed simple enough, but as I assembled the example slides to demonstrate the modern treatment evolution, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Gratitude towards the patients from my residency who were suspended in prolonged skeletal traction, encased in spica casts, and trapped under elaborate pelvic external fixation devices. These patients taught us that our treatment standards were often as harsh as the injuries. I felt gratitude for educators like Dr. Neil E. Green who taught us to challenge such standards and find a better way. Gratitude for clinicians like Dr. Andrew Burgess for describing common pelvic injury patterns as well as associated primary organ system injuries. Gratitude for Dr. Sigvard T. Hansen’s courage as he used more aggressive surgical management for these patients. Gratitude for Dr. Allan Tencer, his fellow bioengineers, and lab assistants who facilitated the research necessary to prove the validity of improved fixation techniques. Gratitude towards the patients who trusted us to use these new techniques safely so they could have a reliable and improved functional outcome. Gratitude for the contributions made by the paramedics, ER physicians and nurses, trauma surgeons, radiology technicians, and numerous other colleagues who facilitated the overall management advances that were made over the past 30 years for pelvic traumatic injuries.

Gratitude is a healthy emotion that can be cultivated and shared. Try on some gratitude, if you haven’t already.

Milton “Chip” Routt, MD
[email protected]

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