Benefits of Membership: Through the Eyes of a Resident

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Benefits of Membership: Through the Eyes of a Resident

As a fourth-year resident, there are many demands on my time. Nonetheless, when presented with an opportunity to serve the WOA, I wasted no time applying. I'm one of two residents currently serving on the WOA’s Board of Directors; I am in my second year on the Board.

The experience has allowed me to collaborate with surgeons in all subspecialties and has given me insight into the inner workings of an excellent orthopaedic association. I work to help keep our Members engaged with the Association, not just at the annual meeting, but through constant contact via social media. We aim to provide poignant, relevant content across these platforms. Part of my involvement is also based on the desire to impact policy, which I have been fortunate to witness first hand as the WOA was instrumental in pushing for reforms to the high-stake recertification board exam. My time serving has been universally beneficial to me in my early career. Thus, your support of the WOA, not only provides you with an exceptional, family-friendly meeting, but also supports research and leadership opportunities for residents. On behalf of myself and my fellow residents, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your continued membership and look forward to seeing you in Snowmass this August!

Logan Koehler, MD
[email protected] 

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