WOA Advocates New MOC Pathway

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WOA Advocates New MOC Pathway

As your BOC representative, I submitted a WOA Board-approved AAOS Advisory Opinion at the April NOLC to abolish the ABOS high stakes exams for recertification.  This Advisory Opinion was approved and has been sent to the AAOS BOD.

In addition, AAOS President, Bill Maloney, discussed the findings of the Academy’s MOC Task Force. Their report recommends the AAOS work with the ABOS to develop a new MOC pathway that would no longer include a high stakes oral or written exam.  

This follows the June 2016 AMA resolution that calls for “…the immediate end of any, mandatory, recertifying examination by the ABMS…” Several medical societies are already piloting programs that do not include a high stakes exam.
The AAOS BOC includes multiple WOA Board Members. We have been advocating for several years to make positive changes to the MOC.  Our efforts to modify the recertification process are a top priority that is finally gaining traction. We will keep you informed as this process moves forward.

Bryan Moon, MD
[email protected]
WOA BOC Representative

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Dr. C. Mark Race - Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Honestly, it's about time. Continually staying up to date through CME, SAE, courses, etc. should be more than enough. After 26 yrs of practice and averaging 50 CMEs/year, it becomes ludricrous to have to spend thousands of dollars and time to sit for another written or oral exam. This has gotten out of hand and it's about time we as a profession get control of it.

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