E-Poster Formatting Instructions

  • Please use the template supplied on the website, with the main body of information on a white background with black font.  You are free to alter surrounding color and layout, but please DO NOT change the slide size, which is the optimum size for the TV screen.  
  • Recommended fonts: Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial.  Other fonts may have cross-operating system display issues.
  • Recommended font size: 32pt or larger.
  • No more than FOUR slides per E-Poster.
  • Graphs and images can be embedded into your E-poster; but no video or animation.
  • IMPORTANT: Due to difference in operating system standards, formulas created on a Mac do not always translate correctly to a PC, so it’s highly recommended that you save formulas as images from a Mac.
  • Please download your PowerPoint E-Poster presentation to the WOA Abstract Website no later than July 21st at  https://www.xcdsystem.com/datatrace/abstract/index.cfm?ID=7AS1Dfs. DO NOT convert your E-Poster to a PDF. 

How to Know if Your Presentation Will Look Good on Our E-Poster Monitor:

Without being able to actually view your presentation on our system before the meeting, you can get a good idea how it will look by using the following information.

  • View the presentation on a monitor or TV that is 1920×1080 pixels (1080p). Even if the screen size is different, you’ll see how large things are in relation to each other.  Keep in mind that a smaller screen with the same resolution will have a higher pixel density than a large screen, so lines and images may not look quite as smooth on our monitors.
  • Make sure you follow our guidelines for font size.  Even if a small font looks good on a monitor, it may not on a bigger screen.  A larger font ensures that the text will be smooth and easily readable.