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The mission of the Western Orthopaedic Foundation (WOF) is to advance the science and practice of orthopaedic surgery throughout the western region of the United States via education, and research and advocacy.


  1. The WOF will ensure the financial success of the WOA annual meeting wherein cutting edge research and top tier educational programs will be presented.
  2. The WOF will collaborate with the WOA, the AAOS and other state and allied health organizations within the region, as well as with orthopaedic associations in other regions, to promote and help finance research and educational programs to make them mutually beneficial.
  3. The WOF will join in partnership with public and private institutions throughout the region and nationally to engage orthopaedic surgeons and allied health professionals in research, education and advocacy programs.
  4. The WOF will work to increase the awareness of the societal burden of musculoskeletal disorders across a wide spectrum of diverse caregivers and audiences.
  5. The WOF will facilitate networking and business opportunities that promote and encourage collegiality, in part by ensuring the financial success of the WOA annual meeting where such encounters flourish.
  6. The WOF will encourage industry funding for musculoskeletal research and education within the western region.
  7. The WOF will encourage funding from philanthropic donors for the programs and endeavors that fit with the core values of the organization.

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